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Top 5 Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Coffee lovers might be one of the easiest group to buy gifts for. As long as your gift is coffee related they are going to be happy and enjoy what you gave. Gifts for coffee lovers come in all sorts of categories. From clothing items (like T-shirts) to decorations like blankets or wall signs. In this article I collected 5 gifts that will be a guaranteed hit every time you need a gift for you friend who can’t live without their daily coffee.

Gifts for coffee lovers – specialty coffee

The number one gift that you can buy for someone with a coffee habit is a set of specialty coffees. While I know that every coffee lover has a favorite blend, I haven’t met anyone yet who isn’t open to discovering new ones. So buying a set of specialty blends or flavors for them to try will be perfect. A great way to do this, is to search for a sampler set. That way they have a few options to try without gifting them a bigger bag of one blend. When I received a set like this last year as part of a bigger coffee gift, I actually found a new blend I preferred. It’s definitely a great way to try something new.

Check it out here.

Coffee mugs make great gifts

A second gift just for coffee lovers are mugs. In this house everyone has their own mug: my husband, the children, me … We all have one that we use for everyday coffee drinking. We don’t have to remember which one was ours that morning and we could find a mug that fit our other interests.

When you decide to gift a mug to a coffee lover friend, you can choose between a wide selection. If your friend is someone who’s always running from one activity to another, a travel mug might be a great option. Or if they enjoy a certain fandom (like a TV show or certain movies) you could look for one with a design related to that. Even sports teams or craft interests would make a great idea for a unique gift.

If you decide that you want to go with a travel mug, you might want to look at a heated thermos mug that you can plug into a vehicle’s cigarette lighter. It keeps the beverage hot for the duration of the trip. After all, if you’re not drinking an iced coffee, there’s no use in drinking cold coffee!

Find the perfect mug here!

A single cup coffee maker for the one who drinks alone

Sometimes, a coffee lover just wants a cup fast and they don’t want to make an entire pot. For those people a single cup coffee maker is the gift you want. Looking at the features of each will help you purchase the one that is a perfect for your coffee lover.

I’ve reviewed a few of those on this site already.

Gifts for coffee lovers – grinder

gifts for coffee lovers - coffee grinder
rawpixel / Pixabay

This is a gift I got my brother for Christmas two years ago: a grinder. He loves to grind his own coffee bean because the taste of the coffee is so much better. Can’t say that he’s wrong. This gadget will be a perfect coffee lover’s gift as they can create the right grind for any coffee equipment they might use.

Find a grinder here.

Coffee organizers help you find what you want to drink

Finally, one of the best gifts for coffee lovers is a coffee organizer. These organizers are especially helpful when you use make your coffee with single cup coffee makers. If you’re anything like me and my family, you will end up with multiple flavors, creamers and stirrers. If you aren’t careful they will fill up your whole counter space. A coffee organizer will keep everything in one place.

A selection of coffee organizer for you to choose from.

What about you? What would be the ultimate gift you could receive as a coffee lover? Feel free to share below!

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