What Are Single Cup Coffee Pods?

Single Cup Coffee Pods

I’m sure you heard the term before, but if you have never used them before, you might not know what single cup coffee pods are. Single cup coffee pods are coffee beans that are already contained in a filter. Just think about them like a tea bag, already filled, and you only need to add water to make your favorite drink. There are different varieties available, based on size, price and most important of all: flavor.

There are a lot of reasons behind their invention, but the most important one would be because of convenience. You don’t need to measure your coffee grounds when making coffee, no spilled grounds for you to wipe up and clean up during a busy morning, and best of all, no loose dregs that end up in your morning cup of coffee. You just put the pod in your single cup coffee maker, and within minutes you have your morning pick up ready to drink.

These days there are a lot of options available. You want an organic blend? Why not look into the Newman’s Own Keurig single serving box? You prefer a sweeter cup of coffee? Timothy’s World in French Vanilla might be what you’re looking for. And since it comes in a 24 count box of two, you get 48 in total for you to enjoy.

You want to be able to pick and choose what you want to drink each day? That’s possible too. There are boxes that carry a variety of blends, so if you can’t decide what you want, choose one of those and have a different coffee for each day of the week. This is also a great option for families of coffee lovers who can’t decide which taste is the best. This way each family member is able to have their own favorite coffee.

Single cup coffee pods have been on the market for awhile and are still widely popular because of the range of flavors.¬†They are perfect for your quick coffee fix, families with different tastes, or people who live alone and don’t want to make a whole pot of coffee.

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