Low-Carb Coffee Recipes

Low-Carb Coffee Recipes

I haven’t mentioned this before, but I’m following a low-carb diet. One of the things that I found the hardest with this diet was giving up my fancy coffees. During one of those times that the cravings hit me the hards, I went online and looked for some interesting low-carb coffee recipes.  During times like that, internet definitely is your friend. Can you imagine living 30 years ago and not having access to the internet to try to find some delicious recipes that will curb your cravings? Oh well, nevermind, we’re talking coffee here!

Since I haven’t created any coffee recipes myself at this point, I’m not going to share any in this post, but I’ve collected some interesting links that you could look at and see if there is something in there that you would like to try. Any of the recipes I mention are tested by me and approved by me (and the rest of my family in a lot of cases). I’ll be creating more posts like this in the future with a collection of recipes I love. And in different categories too. In this case, they are all low-carb recipes. Let’s take a look:

  1. Healthy Frozen Blended Coffee Frappé (delicious, even my kids loved it, we’re trying this one again in the near future)
  2. Low Carb Coffee Ice Cream Recipe (by the way, if you’re looking to get started with a low carb diet, this site has a lot of great information, including easy menu plans to help you get started)
  3. Mexican Coffee – Low Carb and Sugar Free (make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the post for the recipe)
  4. Iced Mocha
  5. Iced Cappuccino
  6. Becky’s Low Carb Cafe Mocha Recipe

I hope you find something you like in this list of low carb coffee recipes. Let me know if you tried one of these and what you think about them. I’d love to read your comments below.

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