A Coffee Gift Basket Makes A Perfect Gift For Any Occassion

Coffee Gift Basket

Whether you consider coffee a must-have staple item, or an item for those special occassions, I’m sure we can all agree that a lot of people enjoy their coffee as part of their social ritual. For those people, the perfect gift for any occassion would be a coffee gift basket. After all, what tells you more than “you matter to me” than a beautiful basket with items that you can enjoy together?

Just think about all the times you get together with your friends. How often is your meeting place a coffee shop where you share your life stories, your joy, your pain, your concerns and your laughter while drinking a nice cup of coffee that will instantly make you feel better? I’m going to go with often, right? Thought so. And what do congregations do when service is over? Coffee hour! Again, a great way to socialize with your friends. And what do you serve your friends who needs a talk after something happened, or who has some exciting news to share with you? Coffee!

Both business and social meetings benefit from from a good cup of coffee. We go to a first date over coffee. You enjoy that nice warm cup of coffee on chilly evenings in front of a warm fire, cuddled up with a nice book to read. And don’t forget that first cup of coffee in the morning while you read the newspaper and start your day

So coffee, important to a lot of people and the true coffee connoisseur takes their coffee serious. So how do you think they would feel about getting a coffee gift basket from you? You can fill it with their favorite flavors of coffee, different “roasts”, and some little extra’s any coffee lover will love to get.

Plus, the best thing about these coffee gift baskets is that they are perfect gifts for any coffee drinker. You could give it to the teacher of your son when he’s moving to the next grade. You could gift it to your boss together with your collegues for his birthday. Even a helpful neighbor you want to thank for all her help, will appreciate this gift. And since they come in many sizes, you can easily find one that fits in your budget and that fits the occassion.

Coffee gift baskets make great variety gifts. You have a lot of options to choose from when filling your basket, and combinations will always work. Can’t decide between ground coffee or whole beans? Why not a nice selection of both. Does your friend dream about travelling the world? Why not include coffees from all the places he would love to visit one day.

Shade grown coffees are eco-friendly, and will make the ecologically minded coffee drinker on your gift list happy. And don’t forget decaf coffee for those coffee lovers who don’t like the caffeine jolt.

But the ideas don’t end with coffee. For a complete coffee gift basket, you can always add those extra touches that will make everyone feel loved. A special mug, or pair of mugs would make a wonderful addition. Choose mugs in your recipient’s favorite color, find one with funny or motivational quotes, or one with a picture of their pet or their children. You can get them custom made if you have a picture available and the cost for those is definitely not that high.

Besides mugs, there are other things you can consider for your coffee gift basket. Why not add some specialty teas if your friend loves tea too, or if their partner does, so they can enjoy the basket together. Chocolates and cookies are another great addition, as well as flavored coffee syrups.

Coffee gift baskets are perfect for just about any other occasion, too. If you have a coffee lover or two on your gift list this year, wrap up a coffee gift that is sure to be a winner!

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